Top Blogger Hacks(Tips) of all time

1. Remove the Blogger Top Bar

This is probably one of the most annoying thing that Blogger has. This hack will help you to remove the Blogger bar forever.


2. Add a Tag Cloud (Label Cloud)

This is one important hack that will help you to create a label cloud. Is working like every wordpress tag cloud. This hack was created by phydeaux3.


3. How to Hide/Remove Label Count in Blogger Blogs
When you have a new blog is pretty embarrassing to let people know that you have just few posts. This hack will help you to hide this.


4. Random Header Background Image

Changes the background image of your blog header. It will automatically display a different background image for your header.

5. Image Caption

Add caption footer to images in posts.

6. Tabs

Add customized dynamic tabs with content. Add posts or comments or even tag cloud using this cool hack.

7. Recent Comments Widget

Blogger has not officially introduced the plugin for recent comments. This will help you to display latest comments on posts. Is actually exactly like the Recent Comment plugin for WordPress.

8. Emoticons

Converts the specific symbols for emoticons in graphic emoticons.

9. Social Bookmarking Links

Add special list in the footer or in the top of your posts. This will help you and your visitors to automatically submit articles to social websites and share them with friends.

10. Ajax Menu

Adds a cool AJAX menu for labels which has pretty cool effects.

11. Read More Option

Adds the read me text on the first page and posts only a preview of the actual post.

12. Random Posts Widget

A widget that helps you to display random articles.

13. Expandable post summaries for professional blog design

This is another version of read more hack.

14. Replace Date with a cool new calendar type layout in blogger

This hack will help you to replace the old fashion date with a new cool graphical one.

15. Drop Down Labels

Build a cool DHTML menu for your labels.

16. SexyShare Bookmarks

This is actually a hack created as a clone of the WordPress plugin SexyBookmarks. You can see how it works here at the end of the post.

17. Replace Home and Post Links with images

Use images instead of numerical and symbol system.

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